Game Schedule for Opening Day, March 10th.

Mar 6, 2018 12:53 PM
Larry Thompson



T-Ball 5/6 – Tball Field                                                                   Minor Field

9:00      Rangers vs Indians                                                             9:00    Astros vs Rangers  (10u)

10:15    Pirates vs Red Sox                                                             10:15   Astros vs White Sox  (9u)                                               

11:30    Tigers vs A’s                                                                        11:30   Nationals vs Cubs  (10u)

12:45    Orioles vs Diamondbacks                                                 12:45   Dodgers vs Indians (9u)

2:00      Cubs vs Angels                                                                    2:00    Rangers vs Nationals (9u)

3:15      Angels vs Brewers                                                               3:15    Nationals vs Cubs (9u)


Tball 4/5                                                                                             Major Field

4:30    Giants vs Padres  - Tball Field                                             9:00   Nationals vs Pirates  **                     

5:45    Dodgers vs Cubs  -  Tball Field                                           10:30  Rockies vs Rangers  **

4:30   Rays vs Red Sox  -  Minor Field                                           12:00  Cubs vs Rockies       **

5:45    Red Sox vs Braves  - Minor Field  


Rookie Field  7 Year old                                                                Rookie Field 8 Year old

9:00     Astros vs Nationals                                                             2:00  Nationals vs Royals

10:15   Royals vs Yankees                                                               3:15   Astros vs Marlins

11:30    Dodgers vs Cubs                                                                4:30   Angels vs Rockies

12:45    Cubs vs Red Sox                                                                 5:45   Rockies vs Cubs


Note: Tball, rookie and minor games are 1 hour.  Please start at your scheduled time.  Game is over after 1 hour, no matter which team is batting.  **Major Field Games are 1:15.  Please start game at your scheduled time.  Game is over after 1:15, no matter which team is batting.  The team listed first is the visiting team, the team listed second is the home team.

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