Minor 9/10


Minor 9/10

For 9 year old player's entering this division, it will be their first year of pitching.

Here are some highlights of this league...

  • 60 foot bases
  • 46 foot pitching distance
  • Stealing bases is allowed but NOT leading off.  The runner may steal once the ball crosses the plate
  • Games will either be 6 innings or a 1:30 time limit
  • 5 runs allowed per inning
  • 4 outfielders allowed on defense
Spring Season
  • Games will be played on either Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday
  • Weekday games will be played at 5:45 and 7:30 PM
Fall Season
  • Games will be played on either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday
  • Weekday games will be played at 5:45 and 7:30 PM


General Rules
  • No tobacco, alcohol, firearms, or profanity on the field at any time.
  • Games are 6 innings or 1:30 time limit.
  • 3 outs or 5 run limit per inning.
  • USA Stamped bats only
  • Safety equipment (cups) must be worn at all times during games or practice, especially the catcher.
  • All coaches on the field and all team parents in the dugout must be Cal Ripken certified. No bat boys or girls.
  • No throwing bats back to the dugout
  • When a coach or player is ejected from a game, they must leave the field immediately and may not be present at the game site for the remainder of the game. Any coach or player that is ejected will be subject to review by the park’s governing board.
  • All coaches must either wear a team jersey or approved Westside apparel. All coaches must wear a team hat or approved Westside hat.
  • All coaches coaching the last game of the night on the field are responsible for raking around home plate and the bases and are responsible for emptying the trash cans in the dugout.
Offensive Rules
  • 2 coaches allowed on offense –one coaching first and one coaching third. All other coaches must remain in the dugout.
  • Any offensive coach that touches a baserunner will result in the baserunner being called out.
  • A single batter may not be intentionally walked more than once a game.
  • No slash bunts. That is, if the batter shows bunt, then pulls back and swings, they are out. If the batter shows bunt, they must either bunt or pull the bat back.
  • Base runners must slide or avoid contact with the defensive player in the act of making a defensive play.
  • Base runners may steal. However, leading off is NOT allowed. The runner may attempt to steal a base once the pitch has crossed the plate.
  • A courtesy runner may be used for the catcher. There MUST BE 2 outs and it MUST BE the last player who got out. The catcher who was run for MUST catch the next inning.
  • All players hit.
Defensive Rules
  • Defensive coaches may sit or stand outside of the dugout.
  • 10 players play on defense. The infield consists of normal positions (1st, 2nd, SS, 3rd, Catcher and Pitcher). The four remaining players play the outfield (LF, LC, RC, and RF).
  • Players must play on defense a minimum of every other inning and must NOT sit for more than 2 innings a game.
  • Dropped 3rd strike is NOT in effect. The batter is out whether the 3rd strike is caught or not.
  • NO shifts allowed. The 1st baseman and 2nd baseman must be on the right side or directly behind second base. The SS and 3rd baseman must be on the left side or directly behind second base.
  • Infield fly rule is active and will be a judgment call by the umpire.
  • Any player who pitches 41 or more pitches may not play catcher for the remainder of the game.
  • Any player who catches in 4 or more innings may not pitch for the remainder of the game.
  • If a pitcher is removed from pitching at any point during the game, they may not return as a pitcher for the remainder of the game.
Pitch Count Rules
  • A maximum of 75 pitches may be thrown in one game. If the pitcher is below 75 pitches when an at-bat begins, they MAY go over the 75-pitch limit.
  • Pitch counts...
    • 1-20 pitches require 0 days rest
    • 21-35 pitches require 1 days rest
    • 36-50 pitches require 2 days rest
    • 51-65 pitches require 3 days rest
    • > 65 pitches require 4 days rest


Spring Season Specific Rules
  • 10 run-rule after 4 innings. 6 run-rule after 5 innings. When the game is mathematically out of reach, as defined by the run-rules, the game is over. If the coaches decide to continue playing, as time allows, the score recorded is the score when the game was officially over.
  • 1 extra inning in case of a tie, either after six innings OR time limit. If game is still tied after 1 extra inning, the game will result in a tie.
  • A new inning may start if ANY time is remaining.
Fall Season Specific Rules
  • The game ends either at 6 innings or when time expires, regardless of game situation.  If an at-bat is in progress when time expires, the at-bat may complete; then the game is over.